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Statute of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine

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Agrarian Party of Ukraine (hereinafter - the Party) is a political party that voluntarily unites citizens of Ukraine who share the goal of Parties recognize the Charter of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine (hereinafter - Charter), is supporting the Agrarian Party of Ukraine (hereinafter - the Program) contribute to its implementation.

Party extends its activities to the entire territory of Ukraine, acting in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Political Parties in Ukraine", other legal acts of Ukraine, and in accordance with the Programme and Statutes.

The party operates on the principles of voluntariness, equality, mutual respect of its members, government, rule of law and information openness (glasnost), compliance with internal party discipline and subordination of democracy. The party acquires the status of a legal entity after its state registration in the legally established procedure has a separate balance bank accounts; seal with its own name, stamps, forms.

The party has its own symbolism. Party Symbols registered in accordance with legislation. The party of party organizations in carrying out its statutory activities have the exclusive right to use the symbols of the Party.

The full name of the Party:

  • Ukrainian - Agrarian Party of Ukraine;

  • English - Agrarian party of Ukraine.

Party Acronym Ukrainian - Agrarian Party.

Location central leading organs of the Party - the city of Kyiv.


Goals and objectives defined by the Party Programme, which was adopted and changes according to the requirements of the Charter.

To perform the tasks party established by current legislation may:

  • freely conduct their activities within the limits provided by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine;

  • participate in the election of the President of Ukraine, deputies of Ukraine, local authorities and village, town and city mayors;

  • participate in the formation of state and local governments;

  • disseminate information on its activities, objectives and tasks of the Party, to establish their own media, to publishing activities in accordance with the laws of Ukraine;

  • act as media of political statements or otherwise make public and defend its position on public life;

  • engage in civil relations acquire and exercise property rights to own immovable and movable property funds to enter into agreements, contracts, etc., including, but not limited to organizational and economic support of the central leading organs and Party organizations;

  • protect the rights and legitimate interests of the party and its members, a plaintiff or defendant in court to represent the rights and legitimate interests in government agencies, enterprises, institutions and organizations on the grounds and in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine;

  • organize and hold peaceful mass actions (meetings, demonstrations etc.) designed to inform the public of the Party's position on topical issues of social development of Ukraine;

  • submit to the government of Ukraine and local government proposals must be considered by relevant authorities in due course;

  • receive in accordance with legislation from the state and local authorities the information necessary for the goals and tasks of the Party Statute and Program;

  • ideological, organizational and financial support to associations, to assist in their establishment;

  • cooperate with other political parties, civil society, youth and other organizations to create, enter into electoral blocs, political associations, and out of them;

  • form deputy factions (groups) and other associations;

  • maintain international relations with political parties, public organizations of other countries, international and intergovernmental organizations to establish international unions;

  • form party organizations and primary cells ensure their organizational activities;

  • implement other measures and implement rights not contradict the legislation of Ukraine and the Party Statute and necessary for achieving the goals and objectives.

The party only conclude such agreements with foreign and international partners that do not make it to a subordinate or dependent position.

The party can establish international union or join those unions, whose statutes provides for the establishment only of advisory or coordinating bodies.

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