Poltava regional organization
of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine

History of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine

In October 1996 in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was formed the initiative group of 29 people's deputies, members of the group "Agrarians of Ukraine" with the object of preparation of statutory documents’ package and holding the founding congress to create the Agrarian Party of Ukraine.

On 5th of December 1996 the Agrarian Party of Ukraine was created at the founding congress in Kyiv.

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On 30th of December 1996 the Agrarian Party of Ukraine was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

In accordance with the adopted Program, the party drew on the rural population, defended and protected its interests. The declared strategic policy remained unchanged, despite the change of party leaders and its active members. The party began actively influence the agricultural policy formation. During the 10 years there were created the laws by which the agricultural sector has received government support and began to revive. In this period was introduced the fixed agricultural tax, a special tax regime for agricultural products to value added tax, compensation of interest rates on bank loans for agricultural producers and etc.

In June 2004 on VI (Extraordinary) Congress the party was renamed to the People's Party of Ukraine.

In February 2005 there was renaming to the People's Party and its strategic course was changed. The party began to represent the interests of all the people. Behind the new slogans of protecting the people's interests, the queries of rural workers remained out of sight and the main aim of the Agrarian Party - protection of the interests of the village and rural workers - was lost.

On 7th of October 2006 at the Founding congress took place the rebirth of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine, approval of a new Constitution and Program, election of governing bodies. Mikhaylo Zubets, the people's deputy of Ukraine, President of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, was elected as a Chairman of the party.

In November 15th, 2006 the Agrarian Party of Ukraine was registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

On 11th of September 2010 during the II (Extraordinary) Congress of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine was elected the new party Chairman. It was the well-known agrarian and politician Viktor Slauta. The Congress set the priority steps for further party building, enhancement of ideological and information party work, empowerment of the party to carry out positive changes in the life of Ukrainian village.

The first time the Party took part in the elections to local councils on October 31st, 2010. During local elections the majority of regional party organizations successfully passed the examination for viability, checked its human resources, and gained the experience of political practice. The representatives of Poltava regional party organization obtained the appointments of deputies in 58 local councils, Zaporizhya - 52, Ternopol - 46, Donetsk - 44, Kherson - 43, Kharkov - 40, Cherkasy - 26, Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia - 25 deputies. Thus the whole party got the grounds to express their continued presence in the political environment of Ukraine in full force and to realize its goals and objectives.

On 3rd of July 2012 on the second stage of the III Congress of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine was elected the new Chairman of the Party - Ivan Bisyuk, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

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20 September 2014 - at the IV Congress of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine was elected a new party leader - Vitalii Skotsyk, which before that was the deputy head of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine and was a member of the political council and presidium of the Party.

Vitalii Skotsyk has a strong reputation in agribusiness. He is known as a man with an innovative global thinking and Western approaches for doing business in a transparent and fair manner. Vitalii Skotsyk repeatedly proved himself to be an effective anti-crisis manager. Business qualities and modern Western education allowed Vitalii Skotsyk to revive the companies of agricultural sector whose financial performance did not inspire any hope of a revival.

The basic credo of the new Chairman of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine is the steady movement toward goals, while important are not only large achievements but also small successes. Thus, the newly elected Chairman of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine agreed to take office upon condition of full renovation of the Party and confirmed that he will do his best to make the Party efficient and ready for the next parliamentary and local elections.

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